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Hammad Haqqani Best Personal Trainer Bel

About Me

I am Hammad Haqqani, a personal fitness trainer, corrective exercise specialist and nutrition coach with over seven years of experience in the industry. I'm located in Bellevue, WA. 


I’ve worked with over a hundred clients of all backgrounds and mentored a number of industry professionals. My specialty is corrective exercise and strength training for deskbound individuals, helping to undo the movement dysfunction that comes from a sedentary lifestyle.

Learn more about my...

The foundations of my coaching method.


We'll start by bringing some awareness to your nutrition and fitness habits. Taking note of key areas of opportunity.


I'll develop a personalized curriculum to provide you with all the knowledge you need to achieve your specific goals.


I'll distill your goals into key habits and behaviors, so you can ignore all the fitness industry noise and focus on what really matters.


I'll connect you to my app which contains all your educational material, tracking for your workouts and habits, and direct support from me.

What Clients Say

"The training sessions that Hammad planned for me during my pregnancy helped me so much during child birth and postpartum healing. He is an amazing trainer and always pushes your limits. I look forward to my sessions with him because he is motivating and fun to work out with.
I have had great results overall in my strength and I see that he customizes the workout plan per client as no one formula works for every one."
- Pushyami P.
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