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Strong Woman


One On One Personal Training

If you're just looking for a trainer to run you through some workouts, chat with you, count your reps, and not reflect, challenge or check in on your progress towards your goals, I'm not going to be the right fit for you.

Each client relationship begins with a complimentary one on one hour long Discovery Session. Here we dive into your goals, exercise experience, relationship to fitness and nutrition, and unpack any psychological hurdles we may face. We establish a foundation of honesty, without any judgment, guilt, or shame.

Together we'll create the Blueprint of what you need to to do to get the outcome you want, and what I can do to support you on your path. No guesswork required.

I'll provide you with personalized nutrition plan, and a carefully crafted workout program to help you achieve your goals. You'll also receive a customized educational curriculum to help you learn about your body, mind, habits, and fitness. With bite sized modules that you can read through in minutes, you'll be able to cut through the noise of fitness industry jargon and bogus marketing. 


I devote all these resources towards supporting you between sessions because even the most fervent clients see me for three or four hours out of the week, and the other 160+ hours matter just as much in ensuring progress.

During your time spent with me via virtual or in-person sessions, you'll have a safe, judgment free environment to learn and execute the most effective exercises for your body. I'll push you and hold you accountable while being considerate of your specific circumstances.

Shot of a muscular young woman in sportswear working out with personal trainer at the gym.
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