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I was never particularly athletic or health conscious growing up. I had suffered from asthma all through my childhood which made sports particularly challenging for me. I spent so much time glued to a computer during my youth, that it made sense to pursue an education and career in tech. That’s where I saw firsthand what hours of sitting slouched at a desk can do to the human body. By my third year of college, I was already suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain. I felt like my body had aged decades in just a handful of years.

In search of a solution to the various aches and pains that were plaguing my body, I discovered strength training. At first by piecing together information (and often misinformation) I found on the internet, I began helping myself and my peers see changes through exercise and nutrition. This is where I first developed a passion for helping people improve their lives through personal fitness training.

I eventually left tech to pursue that passion and spent my first four years as a top trainer in a commercial gym franchise. During this time I was managing a fitness team, and had mentored several trainers to success in their careers. However, my passion was still working directly with clients directly and helping them achieve their goals. Sharing in the joy of that first weight loss milestone, or a heartwarming thanks for helping rid someone of their chronic pain.

So I went on to build my own studio gym and further develop my unique training philosophy to better serve my mission.

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