Focusing at Work

My Story

Hammad is a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and nutrition coach. After four years as a top trainer in a national gym franchise, he opened his own independent practice. He has since developed a training philosophy that emphasizes a systems agnostic approach to health and fitness that allows him to work with a client to create their own framework for success rather than trying to fit them into an constraints of existing system or methodology.


He helps clients become more aware of their bodies and develop a balanced relationship with their health and fitness that emphasizes long term results and sustainability. Drawing from a multitude of exercise modalities, without falling into the trap of chasing popular fitness trends.


I was never particularly athletic or health conscious growing up. I had suffered from asthma all through my childhood which made sports particularly challenging. I went on to pursue an education and career in tech where I saw firsthand what hours of sitting slouched at a desk can do to the human body.

In search of a solution to the various aches and pains that were plaguing my body, I discovered strength training. At first by piecing together information (and often misinformation) I found online, I began helping myself and my peers see changes through exercise and nutrition. I developed a passion for helping people connect and improve their life through fitness.

After four years in the commercial gym space, I found I was regularly being encouraged to move into upper management. The only means of career advancement that existed for me was non-client facing. By this point, I had placed among the top trainers nationally within this nationwide franchise. I had already managed a team, and had mentored several trainers who went on to be hugely successful in their own right. However, my passion was still working with clients directly and helping them achieve their goals.


So I opted to begin my own practice and created a place where I could service clients with higher quality equipment, in a safe, clean, and judgement free environment.

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