Focusing at Work


I want to deliver the single best personal training experience possible. My goal is to help every one of you actualize your goals by designing a pathway to success that works with your lifestyle.

I am committed to meeting you wherever you are, and helping provide the blueprint, motivation, positive attitude, and guidance to get you to where you want to be. Throughout this process, I intend to be 100% transparent and give you honest feedback backed up by scientific research and years of coaching experience.

I feel the fitness industry is quickly becoming a charade of aggressive sales and false promises. I always prefer to under-promise and over-deliver rather than sell you on unrealistic expectations.

I'll show up on time every day, enthusiastic to do my part and hold you accountable to doing yours. If you're just looking for a trainer to run you through some workouts, chat with you, count your reps, and not reflect, challenge or check in on your progress towards your goals, I'm not going to be the right fit for you.

I always want to help create visible, palpable, long lasting change.

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