The Legacy Program

A Splendid Studio

I have always made it my mission to provide the best service and value possible. In order to continue to increase the efficacy of my personal training, I am choosing to train independently moving forward.


With this increased autonomy, I can now invest in and utilize better tools and equipment for the type and quality of training that I'd like to provide.

I'll be training out of the Main Street Flats Fitness Studio. A smaller, cleaner, modern apartment gym which comes well equipped with all of my basic necessities in addition to some small perks like free towel service.

I've also gone ahead and invested in any additional equipment I'll need, which means new high quality bars, kettlebells, utility, and mobility equipment. Some of this equipment is specifically reserved for my training which means almost never having to wait for a squat rack or a bar to deadlift.

High Quality Equipment

More Efficient Workouts

Optimized Training Tools

Over the years, I've refined my system of training and with this transition I'll be using more robust tools to ensure the best possible quality of service.

An option for online training will be launching later this year, with digital workouts (and accompanying videos), app based habit and nutrition tracking and opportunities for numerous coaching interactions directly through the app.

In addition, in-person training clients will be getting all of this as part of their training. This will allow me to develop and improve the digital coaching arm of my personal training while simultaneously providing better care to my existing clients.

Online Personal

Guidance and Accountability

Broadened Schedule

Accurate Measurement Equipment

Digital Exercise Tracking

The Legacy Rate

Taking into consideration the continuing investment, increase in quality of service and a nearly overwhelming demand. I will be raising my rates to around $110 per session for new clients moving forward. 

All former clients will be exempt from this change and will fall under the Legacy Program. Regardless of what package you purchase, you'll receive the lowest per session rate of $75.

In addition, a limited number of Legacy Rate business cards will be printed and provided to clients who enter the program. These can be used to provide a referral to someone and get them enrolled at the Legacy Rate.

After February 15th, the Legacy Rate will no longer show up on the website, instead being replaced by the discounted rate for residents of the building ($90), before finally being replaced by my new client rate ($110) in March. 

The Legacy Program will run until May 31st and any former clients enrolled during that time will retain their Legacy Rate for future renewals or package purchases (for at least 18 months), Legacy Rate enrollment will have to be handled in person after February 15th as it will not be visible on the website.


After May 31st, all clients will who begin training will be offered the current (non-legacy) rate.

Get in Touch

Address. 10595 Main Street

Bellevue, WA 98004


Phone. 202-288-5816